Welcome to The Cicada Project!

The Homer Township Public Library has visitors! Nine jade cicadas have made the long journey from Hong Kong to our library. Their special trip to Homer Township was made to greet their Illinois cicada pals as they emerge from living underground. It has been a long seventeen years since they’ve seen their friends!

Our Hong Kong visitors are using our library to research about their red-eyed winged periodical cicada pals. They’re also using our library computers to email their family back home!

Help our Hong Kong cicadas document their vacation by taking pictures of their periodical cicada pals! Email your photos to homerlibrary@gmail.com. The library will post your pictures on The Cicada Project flickr photo site located at http://www.flickr.com/photos/thecicadaproject/.

All photographs will be considered for the Cicada Awards! Win one of the following categories and you’ll have a chance to take one of our Hong Kong cicadas home!

Best Photo
Most unique Location
Funniest Photo
Most Terrifying Photo
Most Cicadas on a Person
Best Pose
Funniest Location
Grossest Photo
Most Cicadas

Please do not hurt any cicadas during the creation of your photographs.
If the information is available, provide us with the date and place of the photograph, plus any other interesting information.

Share your story!

Have an interesting cicada story or experience? Tell us about it at by leaving a comment!